How to Write a Stripes Shader, Part 3: Checker Patterns

In this third part of stripes shader series we will add a new mode to render checker pattern instead stripes. We will also implement different blend operations.

How to Write a Stripes Shader, Part 2: Rotation, Width Shift and Colors

In this post we will develop the basic stripes shader further. We will add full rotation, width shift and more colors.

How To Write a Stripes Shader, Part 1: UVs, Rotation, Warping

This is the first post of my Unity shaders series. The series is aimed at people who have a little bit experience with writing shaders in Unity but I will try to explain everything so beginners can follow, too.


Game12 is the working title of a game I worked on at InnoGames. My main role was Technical Artist, I wrote tools and rigged characters.